Issues installing 2010 Beta 1

Brian Harry

As with every Beta release, there are a set of gotchas that you have to look out for when installing.  My primary guidance is to read the readme file.  Lots of stuff we know about is in there.  I’ll call out a few things here as I see them become stumbling blocks for people.  I’ll append to this post as I learn more. Installing VS/VSTS on Windows 7 RC and Windows 2008 R2 RC – The client products include SQL 2008 Express.  It does not install work properly on Windows 7 & R2.  The installation will go OK but will result in an error message, however, it won’t run after being installed.  You must update it with SQL 2008 Express SP1.  The readme has more information on this.  You can also checkout this post: Don’t run initial TFS configuration from the MMC console – There is a bug in the TFS configuration logic that will cause TFS’s configuration of Sharepoint to fail if you do.  You have two choices – 1) continue with configuration directly from the install wizard (by leaving the “launch configuration” checkbox checked or 2) launching configuration from the command line using “%programfiles%\Microsoft team foundation server 10.0\tools\tfsmgmt.exe” configure  You can read more in Buck’s post here: Installing TFS on Windows 2008 R2 RC – This issue combines the first two in an interesting way.  Only Sharepoint SP2 will install on Windows 2008 R2.  However, the TFS Beta ships with an early Sharepoint build, so a straight forward install on R2 will fail.  You have two options: 1) Install Sharepoint first and then install TFS or 2) Stop after the install wizard and before the configure wizard and update the Sharepoint installer to the SP2 installer and then proceed with the configuration.  But wait, you say.  Didn’t I just say that stopping after the install phase was bad?  Yes, I did.  If you choose this route, you will need to take option 2 above and run the config tool from the command line.  I will update this post with a link to specific instructions for this procedure as soon as I have one. Those are the issues I’ve seen so far.  I’ll let you know as I see more. Thanks,



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