Getting back into it after the holidays

Brian Harry

I hope you all had a great holiday break and new year.  I just posted my first post since mid December.  I actually took a pretty sizable break from work this year and really didn’t do any work at home other than skim mail to avoid being buried when I got back 🙂  It was a good break for me – lots of family time and plenty of farm work. We were trying to load a couple of cows into a trailer over the break and they went nuts and broke through a fence and rampaged around the farm.  It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for me to finally start working on some new and effective cattle handling facilities.  I spent a fair amount of time drilling holes, setting posts and building some sturdy containment pens.  I’ve still got a couple of weeks of work left to fully finish the facilities but I’ve got enough that I think I can get by for a little while. It was also a very strange December here.  It was unusually cold and we had snow 3 times and we almost never get snow before January.  In fact we had snow Christmas evening and I think that’s only about the second time in my life I’ve seen snow here on Christmas day.  We got probably 4 or 5 inches and it lasted for days due to the reasonably cold weather.  The kids sure enjoyed it and since we didn’t have anywhere to go, it wasn’t really a nuisance. But now it’s back to work.  It was an exciting fall with a bunch of new announcements, the availability of several SP1 Betas, Feature Packs, etc.  The winter and spring are going to be equally exciting so stay tuned.  We’ve got the Team Explorer Everywhere SP1 release, VS/TFS SP1, the TFS/Project Server Feature Pack, a new Power Tools release and more on tap. Happy New Year!



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