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Brian Harry

With the TFS 2015 release behind us and a lot of planning for our next phase of work completed, it’s time to do a major refresh of our Visual Studio Online Features Timeline.  If you aren’t familiar with this page, I encourage you to check it out.  It not only gives you a peek ahead to things we’re working on, it also contains a log of the work we deliver every sprint.  Lastly, it roughly maps when the VS Online features show up in an on-premises TFS release.

A little commentary on this update…

  • By no means is it everything we are working on.  It’s fairly coarse grained and tries to highlight many of the larger investments or things I hear people ask about a lot.  If there’s something that you really want to know about and you don’t see here, feel free to ask me.  For now, at least, I’ve opted not to have it be a huge, detailed, list.
  • Some of the items have links to blog posts (there were a lot of those posted today on the ALM blog) or UserVoice items to provide more context on what is included.  Some don’t have links.  I expect, over the next few weeks, we’ll fill out a few more.
  • We’ve focused on stuff that we expect will be finished or show substantial progress by the end of this year.  There’s more stuff we are working on that won’t really reach fruition until early next year and, for now, we’ve chosen to leave them off.  We’ll publish an update in the next few months that extends the horizon.
  • Some of the items have longer time periods like “H2” (meaning second half of the year) or “Update 1 & 2”.  Those broader time ranges generally mean the capability will be delivered incrementally and you’ll see parts of it show up earlier but significant portions will span over the time period.  Some of them will even continue to evolve beyond these timeframes.

Hopefully you find this useful.  Let me know if you have questions or comments.



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