DevDiv TFS Database Sizes

Brian Harry

Someone asked me the other day how big to expect the relative sizes of TFS databases to be.  At the time all I had time to say was “Over time TfsVersionControl will dwarf everything else”.  This weekend, I finally had a few minutes to sit down and do some analysis.  As with all such things, your mileage will vary.  DevDiv is a VERY heavy version control user and this may be a bit disproportionate from what you’ll see but as a system grows, I expect it will start to look more and more like this.


Here’s a pie chart that shows you relative sizes:


And here’s the actual numbers:


It’s worth looking at how TfsVersionControl breaks down.  Note this won’t match your schema exactly because it is a hybrid TFS 2008/TFS 2010 schema but what I show you will be close.





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