Database Professional Power Tools released

Brian Harry

A new version of the Database Professional Power tools has just been released.  This version is now compatible with VS/VSTS 2008 and contains a slew of new features.  Check it out… And here’s some docs on it: Tools 2008.doc

Here’s a summary of the features in this release

·         Command line SQL Static Code Analysis execution through MSBuild, this was the biggest customer request, which is why I was holding the release. This enables SQL Static Code Analysis to be part of Team Build!

·         Data Generation Wizard; this is another customer request where we allow them to create a new data generation plan by pointing at an existing database, the plan will be fully configured by the wizard to pull all data from the database. This way users can use an existing data set and only override the privacy concerned data and save about half a day or more of configuration

·         File based data generator; this allows you to insert the content of files in to the database (works for string and binary, not for XML yet)

·         XML based data generator; this allows you to generate XML based on an XSD (the XSD has to be provided as file right now, and cannot be selected from database or inherited from the data type)

·         Refactoring Command Generator has been made available as a MSBuild task for better project build integration so it can be made part of the pre-build and pre-deployment stages in the project. This allows users to automated the results of refactoring to some degree in to the project.



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