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Brian Harry

Due to the demand for the VSTS Web Access v2.0 preview, we have again made it available on the devBiz site here: This is a pre-release of what will become the TFS Power Tool release of the VSTS Web Access feature.  As I’ve mentioned before, testing has not yet been completed on it so some caution is advised.  However, the list of improcements is compelling, so I understand why demand for it has been so high 🙂  Of course, the previously shipping V1 download is also still available. Here’s the list of enhancements the preview contains: General Improvements

  • Better, faster and easier with the new Ajax user interface
  • Dramatic performance improvements for large team projects with a lot of work items, queries, area paths, and people
  • Theme support for the user interface (and a new Olive theme)
  • Localization support with language files
  • Manage alerts, subscribe to custom alerts
  • Home page customizations
  • Many dialogs open in their own window now, such as the work item editor, report viewer, file viewer and build results

Work Item Tracking

  • Ajax style design to avoid page reloads and to provide live feedback about the status of the work items
  • Work item type icons
  • Context sensitive menus for work items
  • Improved web controls to handle large datasets better
  • Improved query editor with grouping
  • Edit multiple work items at once (bulk editing)
  • Add related work item
  • Create copy of a work item
  • Send work items and query results as email
  • Copy queries between team projects

Build – There is a new “Build” tab in this release, allowing to manage team builds.

  • View the list of builds, and apply filters
  • Start a new build
  • Monitor build progress live
  • View build logs, errors or warnings
  • Stop running builds
  • Delete a build
  • Change the quality of a build

Source Control

  • Faster browsing
  • Visual Diff for text files
  • Annotate (a.k.a. Blame)
  • Download the latest or a previous version of a file
  • Delete/undelete files or directories




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