Announcing DevLabs!

Brian Harry

This week we introduced a new website and yet another way to collaborate with the community around the future of our Software.  This new initiative is called DevLabs.  The goal of it is to create a forum where we can share with you projects that are still in their incubation phase.  We don’t know what their future is or whether or not they will ultimately make it into shipping products.  We don’t know if the approach is right.  What we do know is that they are interesting problems and innovative solutions.  What we’d like is for you to work with us to evolve these ideas.  Some of them will likely die on the vine but we hope, with your input, we can turn most of them into future product offerings to provide solutions to all of our customers. There are 4 projects initially available through DevLabs:

  1. Popfly – An easy way to build and share mashups, games and other cool web apps.
  2. Small Basic – A new spin on an old favorite designed to make programming more accessible for beginners.
  3. Pex – A tool that can analyze your program to help you easily identify test cases that will exercise those hard to reach code paths.
  4. Chess – A tool to help make testing concurrent programs more deterministic.

DevLabs is more about enabling a community to collaborate and share ideas around new technology development than it is about just sharing some cool new technologies with you.  Take a look and it anything piques your interest join in!



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