A VS SP1 Bug Fix List Posted

Brian Harry

Yesterday we posted a list of all bugs that were reported through the http://connect.microsoft.com site and fixed in VS2005 SP1.  The link is here and you’ll find that there are 398 of them.  You can click in the link for each bug and go to the Connect bug report and read details about the problem. I’m pleased to see us continuing to make progress on sharing this kind of information with you.  I hope it makes your jobs a little bit easier.  This list is not comprehensive of every fix we made in SP1 but it’s a pretty significant chunk of them and it should be the set that is most interesting to the community.  We looked at publishing the entire list but I think it was ultimately decided that the effort to turn it into a list that was useful (understandable, organized, etc.) was extremely high and that publishing the community prompted fixes is the best cost/benefit trade off. SP1 is now pretty solidly behind us and we are wrapping up work on the Vista GDR.  Soon we will turn our full attention to getting out the first Beta of Orcas.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the CTPs but the Beta is going to be even better.  I was just reviewing some stats the other day and there are over 100 new features (across all of VS) that have finished up in the last month or so.  In addition we’ll have much more stabilization time than we get for a CTP.  All of this work will make it into the first Beta so it should be exciting…



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