A new home for Visual Studio Hotfixes

Brian Harry

We’ve been publishing hotfixes for general download for a year or so now.  Although it has been reasonably popular, it never took off (in terms of publishing or downloads) the way I had hoped.  Part of the problem, I believe, is that the advertising/download solution we had was not very conducive to finding what you want.  We hope that problem has now been fixed.

Developer Division hotfixes are now being published on the new MSDN Code Gallery site.  It gives us the ability to tag hot fixes with key words and for you to refine your search for what you want.  I’m hoping it will really boost the usefulness of the service.  I am also going to work on increasing the volume and frequency of publishing hotfixes.

The home page of the site looks like:


If you then click on the "Hotfix" link in the dark grey area to the middle right, you will see:


Which is a list of all available hotfixes, including links to the Knowledge Base (KB) articles that describe them.  Clicking on "Tags" in the filter area just above the results allows you to further refine the list.  For example, clicking on "tfs", yields:


Which lists all of the Team Foundation Server hotfixes that are available.

We are working now on getting all of the TFS 2008 hotfixes posted and I hope they will be available within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

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