Joseph Calev

Principal Software Engineer, Azure Core Compute

Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft. Focusing on enabling customer scenarios for VM extensions and applications.

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Long running RunCommands

Recently, there's been a bit of confusion involving long running RunCommands.For reference, the default wait time for RunCommand has been 90 minutes - the same as all other extensions. But what if you have a script that takes longer?Well, we've added a timeoutInSeconds parameter just for that purpose!az vm run-command create --...

RunCommand vs Custom Script Extension vs VM Applications

I'm sure that many of you would swear that Microsoft loves to confuse you. Currently, there are not three but four ways to run code on your machine. Now, I know what you're saying. "I just want to run this thing on my machine! Which do I choose?" Well, here I hope to clear that up.First, all of the above work on both ...

Managing VM Applications with Azure Policies

For those unacquainted with the feature, VM Applications allow you to manage applications across virtual machines and virtual machine scale sets. What exactly is an "application"? In truth, it's whatever you want. Typically, it's something that runs for a long period of time on the box, such as a service. However, the definition is really up ...

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