Azure SDK Release (September 2020)

Jon Gallant


Thank you for your interest in the new Azure SDKs! We release new features, improvements, and bug fixes every month. Please subscribe to our Azure SDK Blog RSS Feed to get notified when a new release is available.

You can find links to packages, code, and docs on our Azure SDK Releases page.

Release Highlights

  • Azure Form Recognizer Client Library GA release supporting v2.0 GA version of the Form Recognizer service
  • Azure Tables Client Libraries Beta 1 release. Read more in the Introducing the new Azure Tables Client Libraries blog post.
  • Azure Event Grid Client Libraries Beta 1 release with support for CloudEvent. Read more in the Introducing the new Event Grid Client Libraries with CloudEvents v1.0 Support blog post.
  • Azure Cognitive Search Client Library for Java added buildSearchFields to SearchIndexClient and SearchIndexAsyncClient to help easily build a search index from a model type.
  • Azure Cognitive Search Client Library beta release of document indexing clients.
  • Azure Core Serializer GSON and Jackson for Java GA release supporting pluggable serialization in SDKs.

Release Notes

Azure SDK Blog Contributions

We are open to Azure SDK blog contributions and invite you to be a guest blogger. Please contact us at with your topic and we’ll get you set up.


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