Jeffrey Richter

Azure Partner Software Architect, Azure Developer Platform

Jeffrey Richter is an Azure Partner Software Architect and authored several best-selling Windows & .NET programming books as well as many MSDN magazine feature articles and columns. He is also a co-founder of Wintellect, a software consulting and training company where he has authored many videos available on WintellectNOW.

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Azure’s approach to versioning and avoiding breaking changes

Learn about the philosophy of Azure versioning and the process and tools we use to avoid breaking changes.

Azure SDK network reliability

This blog post describes how Azure SDKs reliably upload large streams of data to an Azure service.

Inside the Azure SDK Architecture

In this technical blog post, I’ll dive into some of the architectural choices made by the Azure SDK team when designing our client libraries.

Introducing the new Azure SDK for C++ Beta

This post introduces the new Azure SDK for C. Well discuss its goals, supported compilers/platforms, and our Azure Core component which provides common functionality to all HTTP client libraries.

Azure SDK Release (June 2020) – Introducing the Azure SDK for Embedded Devices

This month, we introduce the Azure SDK for Embedded C, with a preview edition of the Storage client library. In addition, we've updated the client libraries for Cosmos DB, Event Hubs, Storage, and Text Analytics. We've also published new previews for Azure Identity, Cognitive Search, Form Recognizer, and Service Bus.