FCM v1 Update as of Jan 2024

Heather Tian

We are excited to announce that core capabilities for the integration of Azure Notification Hubs (ANH) with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) v1 is ready for testing. As a reminder, Google will stop supporting FCM Legacy HTTP on June 20, 2024, so you will need to migrate your applications and notification payloads to the new format before then. All methods of onboarding will be ready for migration March 1, 2024.

To help you with this transition, we are inviting you to join our preview program and test the FCM v1 onboarding process for Rest APIs in February. This will give you early access to the new features and capabilities, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback and report any issues.

If you are interested in joining the preview program, please contact NotificationSvcsPM@microsoft.com by January 25, 2024. We will send you an email with instructions on how to onboard to FCM v1 using the REST API. You will also receive a link to our documentation and support channels.

We appreciate your collaboration and support as we work to improve the ANH service and provide you with the best possible experience.


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  • Brenton Currie 1

    Thanks for the update! Having problems sending the email to join the preview program though. When we send the email to nhtalk@microsoft.com our emails are bouncing back with the error for nhub@microsoft.com:

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this group

    • Joris Kommeren 0

      Same issue here, would love to test!

    • Marcel Gille 0

      Still not working.

  • Lucas Saudon 0

    Will the “Azure/azure-notificationhubs-android” and “Azure/azure-notificationhubs-ios” projects be updated?

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