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Program Manager, Visual Studio App Center

Program Manager for Visual Studio App Center.

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App Center Analytics & Diagnostics Data Retention

Mobile developers use App Center Analytics to gain insights into their applications’ users and their usage and use App Center Diagnostics to monitor their applications’ health and dig into unexpected failures. We are committed to keeping these services healthy and reliable, and as part of that we are making some changes to our data ...

Deprecating macOS 10.14 image in App Center Build

Microsoft-hosted Pipelines recently announced macOS-10.14 image deprecation in Azure Pipelines. Accordingly, we want to update App Center customers on the upcoming change in our build image support. If you are building iOS or Xamarin apps using Xcode 10.3, Xamarin.iOS 12.14, or Xamarin.Android 9.4 or below versions, you will be impacted by ...
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Announcing Apache Cordova Retirement in App Center

Since App Center launched in 2017, we’ve added support for 16 platforms and frameworks. One of the first was Apache Cordova, a cross-platform framework that wraps JavaScript apps in a native container. Along with React Native, it was one of two frameworks to support CodePush and exactly what the community needed as many developers ...

Run Tests on Android and iOS Beta Versions

We understand the pain and struggle to address unexpected issues before the next release of the major OS version. As exciting as it is to try new features in advance, the struggle to identify compatibility issues over a night is real. We heard your feedback, and now we are super excited to announce beta version support in App Center Test ...
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