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Nish Anil

My StepCounter for iOSEvery day Xamarins are getting fit cycling, running, planking, rock climbing, and just about every other activity you can think of. We carry around our mobile devices with us every where we go and a few of us felt that they should be our fitness companions that rest in our pocket during these activities. A little over a month ago fellow Xamarin, Mike James, released My StepCounter for iOS. This is an elegant pedometer that takes advantage of the iPhone 5s’ built in M7 chip and the new Core Motion APIs in iOS 7. Best of all Mike also open sourced the entire project on GitHub for anyone to try out the source code for themselves.

My StepCounter AppIconToday, two new Xamarins are pleased to announce their fitness apps for Android. James Montemagno took the challenge of taking Mike’s My StepCounter and bringing it to Android using the latest Android 4.4 KitKat low power step sensor APIs. James combined this new API with animations and an ADO.NET database to take My StepCounter to the next level. Today, he announced that he has open sourced the project on GitHub and the app is available to download on Google Play.

My StepCounter for Android My StepCounter for Android

Xamarin Starter CompatibleMy StepCounter on both iOS and Android join a library of apps that were built to be Starter Edition Compatible. Starter Edition is our free tier, which allows anyone to get a taste of mobile development in C# by writing small apps which can be deployed to devices and published to app stores.

Bikr IconBikr AnimationsMaybe you prefer cycling over walking, well Jérémie Laval has you covered with Bikr. Bikr was built out of a passion for cycling and takes advantage of the latest Google Play Services Component to track your mileage while cycling on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition to tracking, Jérémie has also crafted some lovely animations to show you your progress. You can find Bikr available right now on Google Play and Jérémie is pleased to announce that he has open sourced Bikr for you to get your hands on.

Now that we have showed you a few of our apps we want you to show us your apps! Head over to our Community Forums where several of you have already been sharing the amazing apps that you have been creating with Xamarin.

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