Wordament Ships to Every Major Platform with Xamarin

Pierce Boggan


After the Windows Phone platform launched in 2010, Microsoft wanted to encourage the company’s talented developers to build apps and jump-start the new platform’s software ecosystem.

One of the most compelling success stories to emerge from that initiative is the tale of Wordament. The game was created by Microsoft veterans John Thornton and Jason Cahill, written in C# and published in the Windows Phone store in 2011.

Wordament has attracted a large following of loyal players. The simple and compelling gameplay experience is addictive, leading to a high rate of player retention and repeat engagement.


With the app already in C#, Xamarin made it easy for Wordament’s developers to build on that success and bring the game to iOS and Android users, while continuing to develop in Visual Studio.

“Xamarin gave us the power to work in one set of development tools. I can’t overstate how much more efficient that made us.” – Jason Cahill, Wordament Creator

When they began porting with Xamarin, they were thrilled that large portions of the C# code that powered their existing Windows Phone application would work seamlessly on iOS.


“The success of the game would not have been possible without Xamarin. We are able to reach all major mobile platforms with exceptional user experiences not possible in any other cross-platform framework.” – John Thornton, Wordament Creator

Cahill and Thornton have started working on their second game. Their team at Microsoft Studios now consists of four full-time developers.

Download the case study to learn how Wordament’s developers are using Xamarin to expand into additional titles and support every major platform at launch.

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