The Xamarin Show: Getting Started with iOS Development in C#

James Montemagno

220x165If you’re looking to get started with iOS development, there’s no better place to look than our amazing Xamarin.iOS documentation guides. They cover each and every topic that you can imagine when it comes to iOS development in C# with Xamarin. If you enjoy watching development videos on your favorite development topics, then look no further than The Xamarin Show, my weekly Xamarin developer video series on Channel 9. Each week I team up with other amazing guests to cover a topic in the world of Xamarin development. Since the launch of The Xamarin Show, we’ve covered a lot of great topics, from how to get started with iOS development to advanced topics such as publishing the app to the app store.

Below are just a few of our favorites to get you started with iOS development with C# and Xamarin.

Developing UI with the iOS Designer for Xamarin

Alex Corrado joins me to show off the latest and greatest updates to the Xamarin.iOS Designer in Visual Studio. This includes new support for Device adaptation, with brand new constraints and a frame editing mode. Alex walks through building a brand new screen from scratch that adapts to phones, tables, portrait, and landscape!


iOS Provisioning Made Easy with fastlane

Oleg Demchenko introduces us to the re-imaged and brand new simplified workflow for automatic iOS device provisioning with fastlane, which makes getting your application on your iOS device and into the app store a breeze.


Sharing Code with .NET Standard Libraries

On this episode, I’m joined by Immo Landwerth, who shows us how to start sharing code with .NET Standard 2.0 Libraries. He walks us through exactly what .NET Standard Libraries are, how they work, and how to get started with a lot of awesome tips and tricks along the way.


Getting Started with iOS Simulators

We take a look at the many ways of running iOS applications on simulators from Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac in this brief Snack Pack episode.


Accelerated iOS App Development with the Xamarin Live Player

This short Snack Pack episode takes a look at how to use the Xamarin Live Player with Coded UI Xamarin.iOS applications, enabling developers to rapidly iterate on their application and custom controls without ever having to stop and compile.


More Xamarin Show

Every week a brand new episode of the Xamarin Show on Channel 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. Head over to the show page, where you’ll find more episodes across a broad range of topics, and make sure to subscribe so you’ll receive notifications of future episodes, which will cover Custom Vision, Azure Cognitive Services, App Translations, App Center, and more!


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