.NET Conf – Focus on Xamarin Event Recap

James Montemagno

It is hard to believe that is has been nearly one month since .NET Conf – Focus on Xamarin. This was our largest Xamarin live streaming event of the year with over nine hours of glorious Xamarin content from the Xamarin team and community. All of the videos, slides, and links to demo code is now available on GitHub for you to watch, use for your own virtual event, blogs posts, or anything thing else you can think of.

If you didn’t catch the event live, don’t worry, here is a session recap and links to all of the on-demand videos:

Keynote: Xamarin all the Things

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Amanda Silver, CVP of Product for Developer Tools, kicked off the day painting a picture and visual for Xamarin along side Visual Studio and .NET. She was then joined by program managers David Ortinau and Maddy Leger who walked through all of the delightful updates in the last few months and powerful features in preview today to make developers more productive than ever with Xamarin.

Visualize Your Data (CollectionView, CarouselView, & Beyond)

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Nothing is better than having the people that build Xamarin.Forms talk about the features they helped develop. Javier Suárez Ruiz and Gerald Versluis from the Xamarin.Forms teams showed off the many ways to visual and interact with your data including some newer features such as RefreshView and SwipeView.

Testing Your Xamarin Apps

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Live from Italy, Xamarin community member, Codrina Merigo delivered an excellent overview of the many approaches of testing your application from source code to user interface.

Xamarin Productivity to the Max

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Maddy was back again to show off all of the hard work the team and her have been working on for productivity inside of Visual Studio including IntelliSense, XAML Hot Reload, Hot Restart, and so much more.

Building Beautiful Apps with Xamarin.Forms

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Four beautiful apps built with Xamarin

The creator of PancakeView, Debug Rainbows, and StateSquid, Mr. Steven Thewissen gave a spectacular talk and demo on crafting beautiful applications with Xamarin.Forms. Showcasing amazing apps from the community and breaking down the aspects of their design is sure to help everyone build lovely apps. Bonus: Steven did a great blog on his experience presenting at .NET Conf.

Going Reactive with Reactive Extensions & UI

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Looking to go reactive with your code and UI? Well Reactive UI core team member Rodney Littles II has you covered with a full dive into what you have been missing out on and how Rx can help improve parts of your app process.

Spectacular Components for Xamarin Apps

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Not only was I co-hosting .NET Conf – Focus on Xamarin, but I also had a super fun session showing off all of the amazing community libraries for code and user interface. I even got all of the spectacular Xamarin control vendors together to create a 4 minute sizzle reel of their libraries for developers.

Xamarin Mobile Development for ASP.NET Developers

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Are you a web developer looking to get started with mobile development with Xamarin? Luce Carter has you covered with a side-by-side comparison between project system, architecture, and much more.

Developing Dual-screen Experiences with Xamarin

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Thumbnail for dual screen session with craig and guy

Dual-screen devices are on their way and Craig and Guy give a full walkthrough of how Xamarin developers can start to create excellent experiences for new apps and their existing apps.

All Things Xamarin.Forms Shell

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Thumbnail for Xamarin.Forms shell session with Shane

No conference would be complete without an appearance from Shane Neuville, Xamarin.Forms developer and champion of all things Shell. Shell gives a full whirlwind tour of what Shell is, when you should use it, and what is coming in the future.

Building & Marketing Award Winning Xamarin Apps

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Award winning app developer Bardi Golriz gave a truly inspiring talk on how to build & market apps from real world experience. This is one session you do not want to miss.

Developing Accessible Xamarin Apps

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Every app needs to be accessible and Microsoft MVP Alexandre Santos Costa show you tips and tricks on how to create accessible apps and how to test them.

Stitching Together a Mobile Backend for your App

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Looking to get your app online with a cloud powered backend? Our very own Matt Soucoup talks through identity, data, security, and compute with Azure for your apps.

Developing Performant Xamarin Apps

YouTube | Channel 9 | Slides & Links

Thumbnail for performant apps with Sweeky

To wrap up the day Sweeky Satpathy talks through and shows how to test, tweak, and optimize your app for maximum performance. No matter if you are getting started with Xamarin or have been building apps for years there for sure will be tips and tricks for you.

A Big Thank You!

We want to thank each and everyone of you that joined in live, watched later, tweeted, asked questions, or are now just seeing this for the first time. Thank you to our speakers around the globe and our production team in Channel 9 for helping make this even a great success.


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