Mobile Leaders Podcast | Productivity and Delight in Enterprise Apps with Josh Clark of Big Medium

Anusha Sethuraman

This is the third episode in our Mobile Leaders podcast series, focused on helping you achieve success with your mobile initiatives faster through different perspectives and experiences from industry analysts, veterans, and mobile leaders from both large and small organizations.

Josh Clark's head shotIn today’s episode, join me and Steve along with our guest Josh Clark, the founder of Big Medium, a design agency that’s worked with many brands including eBay and Samsung as we discuss a topic that isn’t talked about often when discussing enterprise mobile apps: user experience and design.

The best enterprise apps boost efficiency, even delight, by capitalizing on immediate context, and then encouraging nimble shifts in that context. How can you create apps that enable customers and employees to move easily among channels—from mobile to desktop, from physical to digital, from retail space to office to sales visit, and back again? Josh outlines how you can bring productivity and delight to enterprise apps, as well as the critical lessons that consumer apps can teach enterprise software.

If you enjoy today’s episode, Josh has also written several books on the topic of UI and UX, including Designing for Touch and Tapworthy.  

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