Get Started with Free Xamarin Training on Microsoft Learn

Adam Patridge

Learn how to build cross-platform mobile applications on Android and iOS with the new Xamarin.Forms content on Microsoft Learn. The new and completely free platform where you can earn points and badges, level up, and advance your skills.

For each module completed, you will earn a badge and some XP toward your next level. Complete all the modules in a learning path and earn a trophy! Achievements are listed on your Microsoft Learn profile page. Share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Microsoft Learn: Xamarin

Xamarin modules have been recently added to get started and to teach you step-by-step techniques. These modules are collected into two learning paths. Which means you have a chance to earn two trophies!

Illustration of two Xamarin learning path trophies from Microsoft Learn, one showing a stack of three mobile devices and one showing an app being painted with a roller

Get Started with Mobile Development

If you are new to mobile development using .NET, begin your journey with our introduction learning path:

In this learning path, you will find ten modules that walk through the first steps of creating a project. It will also have steps for creating an app’s user interface. As well as details on connecting your app to web services or locally saved data.

To create your first mobile app using Xamarin.Forms, check out:

Building the User Interface

To build your Xamarin.Forms app’s user interface (UI), work through the modules that teach you XAML for creating app pages. Start with:

Consuming and Storing Data

A common pattern in mobile development is to request data from a web service and store it locally. Learn how to:

Architect a Great Cross-platform UI

Design, develop, and structure a UI that looks great on all your supported platforms with our next learning path:

This learning path is eight modules. Teaching you concepts from data binding and Model-View-ViewModel to customizing your user interface with renderers and effects.

Separating UI and Code

To display your app’s data without constantly updating it manually:

Master-detail Navigation

As your app takes on more features, you might need a drawer-style navigation system. Or perhaps you need to display a collection of related data. Learn to do both with:

Effects and Customer Renderers

When you start to customize your app with platform-specific features, you’ll find what you need to take advantage of effects and custom renderers.

Microsoft Learn Modules for Everyone

Dozens of modules for Microsoft tools and services are available to start connecting your Xamarin.Forms mobile apps to cloud services. There are also modudles for adding more features and customizations to your Xamarin.Forms apps as well. Complete enough modules and be prepared for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification exam.

The free Xamarin training content, now offered through Microsoft Learn, has everything needed to help you learn cross-platform mobile development.


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  • Ahmed A Alejo 0

    Hi @Adam Great content! I completed the training on Microsoft Learn last week again, previously did this on Xamarin University and earned a now in-valid certificate.My question is, does this Microsoft Learn training in particular offer certificates with or without an exam? The contents are great nonetheless!!

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  • Alexey Starkov 0

    Thank you for the article. The main question is how can I pass an exam to get Microsoft Xamarin Developer certificate?

  • John Niro Yumang 0

    I want to be a app cross platform developer what should i learn first can i go directly to xamarin and c# by reading documentations and videos ??

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