Windows AI Platform

The Windows AI Platform enables the ML community to build and deploy AI powered experiences on the breadth of Windows devices. This developer blog provides in-depth looks at new and upcoming Windows AI features, customer success stories, and educational material to help developers get started.

Introducing PyTorch-DirectML: Train your machine learning models on any GPU

The Windows AI team is excited to announce the first preview of DirectML as a backend to PyTorch for training ML models! This release is our first step towards unlocking accelerated machine learning training for PyTorch on any DirectX12 GPU on Windows and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). In order for you to take advantage of DirectML ...

Train your machine learning models on any GPU with TensorFlow-DirectML

Learn about the first generally consumable package of TensorFlow-DirectML. TensorFlow-DirectML improves the experience and performance of model training through GPU acceleration on the breadth of Windows devices by working across different hardware vendors and supporting the needs of students’ and professionals’ workflows.