Adobe Premiere Pro leverages DirectML on new AI Silicon

Jonah Dykhuizen

DirectML is ushering in a new wave of machine learning integration capabilities on emerging AI silicon. At the Windows AI Breakout BUILD session, we showcased how ONNX Runtime, powered by DirectML, enables Adobe’s Premiere Pro to leverage Intel’s next generation platform, Meteor Lake with integrated VPU. 


Adobe Premiere Pro with DirectML 

Adobe Premiere Pro leverages DirectML today to power many features with AI, such as Auto Reframe and Scene Edit Detection: 

  • Auto Reframe uses intelligent video recognition to identify actions in a video and reframes the clips for different aspect ratios, making editing a video for platforms such as social media channels easy. 

Image AutoReframe 360x203

  • Scene Edit Detection analyzes a video file and adds cuts when the scene changes, which makes it simple to begin trimming and rearranging quickly. 

DirectML with ONNX Runtime empowers Adobe to light up hardware acceleration for these features, with the same code path across a range of different GPUs. A truly simplified integration experience! 


Scaling to new hardware 

Together with our partners at Intel we worked with Adobe to demo Auto Reframe and Scene Edit Detection on Intel’s next-generation platform, Meteor Lake with integrated VPU. Check out Intel’s blog for more Meteor Lake VPU details: New AI Engine Delivers Power Efficient AI with DirectML

Thanks to DirectML, Adobe could bring these existing ML features, which run on current GPUs, to Intel’s new silicon. Here’s what Adobe had to say: 

“Innovative AI-powered Adobe Premiere Pro features including Scene Edit Detection and Auto Reframe are enabling creators to rapidly produce world-changing content. We trust DirectML to enable fast and reliable AI experiences on Windows, ensuring seamless performance across devices. DirectML helps us meet the needs of customers of any size, making great use of new AI accelerator hardware such as the VPU in Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake Platform while freeing up CPU and GPU resources for other pro video tasks.” 

– Sriram Iyer, Head of Product & Partnerships, Digital Audio & Video, Adobe


So, What’s Next? 

This is just the beginning of the next generation of artificial intelligence on Windows. Along with our partners and our decades of GPU expertise, DirectML is extending to support a whole new class of AI silicon for a seamless developer experience. The demo provides a glimpse into what DirectML is working to make possible, stretching capabilities across the varied Windows hardware ecosystem. 

To learn more about DirectML, visit our website. 


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