Side-by-side minor version MSVC toolsets in Visual Studio 2017

App Center Team

We’ve been delivering improvements to Visual Studio 2017 more frequently than ever before. Since its first release in March we’ve released four major updates to VS2017 and are currently previewing the fifth update, VS2017 version 15.5.

The MSVC toolset in VS2017 is built as a minor version update to the VS2015 compiler toolset. This minor version bump indicates that the VS2017 MSVC toolset is binary compatible with the VS2015 MSVC toolset, enabling an easier upgrade for VS2015 users. Even though the MSVC compiler toolset in VS2017 delivers many new features and conformance improvements it is a minor version, compatible update from 14.00 in VS2015 to 14.10 in VS2017.

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