C++ code analysis: configure rules from the command line

App Center Team

Visual Studio version 15.7 Preview 3 introduces a new MSVC compiler switch, /analyze:ruleset, that configures code analysis runs. The primary motivation for this switch is to enable developers who are using C++ Code Analysis without using MSBuild to filter rules. But developers who are using code analysis with MSBuild also benefit from this switch: code analysis runs are faster, increasing your compilation throughput.

Prior to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 Preview 3, all rules are run every time you run C++ code analysis. When you run code analysis for a given project, checkers like C++ Core Check generate a list of defects. After code analysis finishes, there’s an MSBuild task which merges the list of defects together and filters them according to the ruleset selected for the project. You’re only shown the warnings that apply to your currently selected code analysis ruleset.

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