Guest Blog | Solving “What the Bug?” with the Visual Studio App Center Crashes Service

App Center Team

This is a special guest post from Miguel Cervantes, CTO at Payit.

It’s every developer’s nightmare: something goes wrong with your app in the wild, with real users, or, even worse, when you’re showing it to a venture capitalist, potential client, or at public event. In the moment, we usually have no idea what’s happened or how we can fix it. I call these, “what the bug?” moments.

Finding a bug in development isn’t easy, but we use automated UI testing on real devices to catch as much as possible at Payit so we can release with confidence (thanks, App Center Test service!). But, once you ship, all bets are off—you can’t hit a breakpoint or get access to a log.

If I have one piece of advice, it’s to instrument your apps to collect crash and user data. As we’ve developed Payit, Mexico’s only peer-to-peer mobile payment app, which has grown to 110K+ active users and been awarded “Google Play Editor’s Choice”, this has been critical to our success.

We use Visual Studio App Center to get the data we need to prevent “what the bug” moments and improve our apps. Below, I’ll share how we use Visual Studio App Center’s Crashes, Analytics, and Push services and few of my favorite tips and tricks to help you get started and get even more from your crash and analytics data.

Get ready to learn.

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