Thank you, Visual Studio docs contributors (March 2020)

Jill Reinauer

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the docs in March of 2020! You are helping make the Visual Studio docs clearer, more complete, and more understandable for everyone. We love that our community takes the time to get involved and share their knowledge.

Pull requests

Here are the awesome folks who contributed pull requests to the docs in March:

  • @alireza-rezaee: Update VS build numbers and release dates (PR #4980)
  • @bergano65: Update (PR #4897)
  • @evangelink:
    • Update doc for CA1721 to mention exclusion of obsolete members (PR #5019)
    • Update doc for CA1010 to mention new configurability (PR #5018)
    • Update doc for CA1801 to mention exclusion of serialization methods (PR #5017)
    • Update doc for CA1305 to mention excluded types (PR #5016)
    • Update doc for CA1506 to mention exclusion of generated types (PR #5015)
    • Update doc for CA2227 to mention exclusion of immutable and readonly collections (PR #5014)
    • Update doc for CA1304 to mention excluded symbols (PR #5013)
    • Update doc for CA1720 to stop mentioning obj (PR #5011)
    • Update doc for CA1501 to mention configurability of the inheritance check (PR #5010)
    • Update doc for CA1716 to mention configurability of symbol kinds (PR #5009)
    • Update doc for CA1303 to mention new configurability (PR #5008)
    • Update doc for CA2000 to mention exclusion for System.IO.StringReader (PR #5007)
    • Update doc for CA1021 to mention api surface configurability (PR #5006)
    • Update doc for CA1034 to mention builder pattern (PR #5005)
  • @Forgind:
    • We don’t GAC MSBuild assemblies (PR #5040)
    • String comparison is case insensitive (PR #5024)
    • Explain need for Locator API call (PR #4935)
  • @HankiDesign: Typo fix (PR #5003)
  • @KindDragon: [debugger] Added links to intrinsic functions (PR #4883)
  • @KinsonDigital: Update (PR #4905)
  • @mallibone: Update (PR #4891)
  • @mycalingram: Updated Example (PR #4933)
  • @remona-minett: Typo Fix in Mac OS Installation Guide (PR #4971)
  • @rodolphocastro: Adds information about launchSettings to Container Quickstart (PR #4909)


In addition to contributing directly to the docs, some community members have left feedback in the form of GitHub issues on our visualstudio-docs repo. Thank you to all of you for the feedback, questions, and doc suggestions.

In March, docs GitHub issues were created by:

How to get involved

If you want to contribute your own content to the docs, just click the Edit button on a topic to start creating a pull request.

Edit button on a page on


After we review and accept your changes, we’ll merge them into the official documentation.

To submit feedback on the docs, go to the bottom of the page and click to submit feedback about the page.

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We greatly appreciate your participation in improving the docs! Keep it up. Let’s see who joins the fun in April. 🙂


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