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UPDATE 9/19: The survey has been updated based on feedback from our readers.

UPDATE 9/17: Thanks for sharing your feedback on this topic. The survey is currently closed. We will post an update here once the survey re-opens.

APIs lie at the heart of our cloud-first, mobile-first strategy. In order to provide you with the best-in class tooling for consuming our wide variety of APIs – VS Online, Office 365, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox, Bing, to name just a few – we would like to learn more about your experience. Which APIs provided a particularly pleasant experience to develop against? Which tools do you use on a regular basis? Where do you see room for improvement? No matter whether you just started using your first API or are an experienced developer, whether you are using Microsoft or other services, we are looking for your feedback.

This survey can take as little as 5 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous. Your feedback will help shaping a set of new developer experiences, inside and outside of Visual Studio. If you are willing to participate in further user studies or discuss your experience with us in person, be sure to check the opt-in box and provide your email address, we will then follow-up with you on feedback sessions. Please also pass the survey on to other developer who you think may want to provide input.


Heinrich Wendel
Program Manager, Cloud Platform Tools


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