Let GitHub Copilot draft your pull request description

Jessie Houghton

Writing good pull request descriptions is essential for effective code reviews and collaboration. But it’s time-consuming and tedious, especially when you have multiple commits or complex changes. That’s why we’re highlighting a feature that will make your life better with the help of GitHub Copilot: generated pull request descriptions. GitHub Copilot examines your code changes and generates helpful summaries that you can edit and customize. Save your energy for your coding tasks and let GitHub Copilot provide extra context for your reviewers.

Starting with Visual Studio version 17.10 GA, to try these out, you’ll need to have an active GitHub Copilot subscription and the GitHub Copilot component installed and the Git Preview Features enabled in the GitHub Copilot Menu.

Get going faster with generated pull request descriptions

One of the most popular features of GitHub Copilot is the ability to generate Git commit messages based on your code changes. We’ve heard awesome feedback on this feature, so we wanted to continue saving you time and improve your collaborations by enabling GitHub Copilot-powered pull request descriptions. You can now generate a first draft for your pull request and preview the markdown output. You’ll get assistance in providing important context to your colleagues for their reviews and get the added benefit of ensuring you include the right changes in your pull request.

Select “Add AI Generated Pull Request Description” sparkle pen icon within the Create a Pull Request window to see your description.

AI generated pull request description

Help us go further

So far, we’ve heard customers are satisfied with their generated results, sharing that responses are accurate and useful, and inserting suggestions at a rate of 80%! Please share your ideas to improve this future and further power up Version Control with GitHub Copilot.

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