Going all in on ‘Suggest a Feature’ in Visual Studio Developer Community


In October 2018, we announced that the Developer Community site we have used for reporting issues will work for feature requests in one convenient place. We also shared the plan to migrate from UserVoice forum to Developer Community. Since then, we have received and responded to over 2500 new feature suggestions on Developer Community with hundreds of those shipped in Visual Studio. Thank you for making the move and continuing to help us improve the functionality in Visual Studio! Now that feature suggestions are fully up and running on Developer Community, we have taken the final step of the move by turning off the UserVoice forum. If you have an idea or a request for a feature, you can now use the Suggest a Feature in Developer Community site or Visual Studio (as shown below) and make your suggestions.

Developer Community

Visual Studio

You can also browse suggestions from other developers and Vote for your favorite features to help us understand the impact to the community.

Thank you! We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions.  We also encourage you to learn more about suggestions to get the best out of it.  Thank you for the valuable feedback you provide in Visual Studio and your participation in Developer Community!