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Are you geared up for Build 2023? Microsoft’s flagship developer conference is just a week away, and we have an incredible lineup of Visual Studio sessions that you simply cannot afford to miss!  

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This year, Microsoft Build goes hybrid, offering you the best of both worlds – virtual and in-person experiences in Seattle, Washington, from May 23-25! Can’t make it to Seattle? No worries! You can access a plethora of live sessions online for free, right from the comfort of your office. Immerse yourself in keynotes and sessions on Visual Studio, AI development, and the latest advancements in C# and .NET! 

What’s more, we’re offering live chat during most of the keynotes, breakouts, and discussions, giving developers like you the opportunity to connect with peers from around the world and participate in these sessions together. This truly makes Build 2023 one of the largest and most connected developer conferences on the planet, with tens of thousands of participants joining online!  

Don’t let the opportunity slip by; the Session Builder is live now! Curate your personalized event calendar today and ensure you’re a part of all the fantastic events at Build 2023. Remember, it’s not too late to register and attend the event online, so secure your spot and join us for an unforgettable experience filled with insights, innovations, and global connections!  

Must See Keynotes at Build 2023: 

  • Microsoft Build Opening Keynotes: Satya Nadella shares how Microsoft is creating new opportunities for developers across our platforms in this new AI era. 
  • The era of the AI Copilot: Join Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott to explore how Microsoft and OpenAI’s full-stack AI platform, fueled by Azure, the world’s supercomputer, can empower developers, startups, and entrepreneurs to innovate and develop the next generation of AI apps and tools that will make the impossible possible. 
  • Next generation AI for developers with the Microsoft Cloud: Join Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, EVP Cloud + AI, as he discusses how Microsoft is making AI innovation real for developers today with experiences like GitHub Copilot, Azure’s OpenAI Service, and the Microsoft Cloud platform and tools you need to produce next-gen, AI-infused applications. 

Visual Studio Sessions at Build 2023: 

Browse all the Build sessions online, but here’s a sampling of some of the Visual Studio sessions that will offer an in-depth look into what we’re currently developing and enhancing, with a strong technical focus. 

  • Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow: Join Amanda Silver and friends to see the exciting new advancements in developer tooling that will enable your team to onboard new developers faster and equip them with everything they need to get coding, and be more productive while writing code. See how you can use Dev Box and Deployment Environments, along with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub Copilot to supercharge your productivity. 
  • Advanced developer tips and tricks in Visual Studio: Discover the latest features, preview updates, and insider tips to optimize workflows, automate tasks, and sharpen your coding skills. Learn about intelligent code navigation, GitHub actions, accelerated debugging, profiler techniques, dev tunnels, and more. 
  • Develop in the cloud with Microsoft Dev Box: Explore how Microsoft Dev Box offers on-demand, task-based workstations in the cloud, preconfigured by dev teams and secured by central IT. Streamline your workflows with cloud infrastructure, centralized security, and deep Visual Studio integrations. 
  • Development with accessibility in mind, Q&A: Join the Visual Studio PM team to discuss the value of accessibility and inclusive development practices. Learn how features such as audio cues and spell checkers revolutionize experiences for users with disabilities and engage in a conversation to gain insights from our customer-driven journey. 
  • Five tips to increase your productivity in Visual Studio: A happy developer is a productive developer. Learn some tips and tricks to increase your productivity in Visual Studio so you can code faster and spend less time doing boring redundant work. This is a quick-paced demo with tips you can use right after you leave the session. 
  • Pragmatic techniques to get the most out of GitHub Copilot: Explore how GitHub Copilot works, best practices, and what AI can realistically do for developers. Understand that AI is only as good as the developer who wields it and how curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking can maximize the benefits of AI-assisted coding. 

Hangout with Scott Hanselman, a fan favorite! 

Image Scott Hanselman at Build 2023

Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends  

Join Hanselman and friends to explore the past five years of developer innovation in Windows and get a sneak peek into upcoming features that will make Windows even more powerful for developers of all skill levels. 

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