Become a master at Git and Open Source 

Jason Chlus

Have you ever wondered how to manage your code better but never had the time to learn about Git and version control? Maybe you are the only one working on your code and thought that Git is only good for collaboration? Are you someone who has been working on proprietary code and has not had a chance to learn from or contribute to open source repositories? If you can relate to any of these then consider signing up for the Git & open source Learning Series and start utilizing Git and Visual Studio to their full potential. 


Sign up for the Git & open source Learning Series 


In this learning series of emails, we will go over the following topics: 

  • Learning Git by exploring open-source repositories 
  • Exploring a Git repository using Visual Studio 
  • Contributing to an open source project 
  • Add your existing code to Git and GitHub 
  • Next steps 

Learn more 

Feel free to start learning more about Git and Visual Studio using the following resources: 

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    Git good at Git to make your software great.

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