Aaron Yim

Product Manager, AI Experiences

Aaron is a Product Manager on the Visual Studio IDE team, where he's been building developer tools for over 4 years. He currently looks after Visual Studio IntelliCode.

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Visual Studio’s IntelliSense list can now steer GitHub Copilot code completions.

TL:DR GitHub Copilot and Visual Studio’s built-in AI assistance features are now better together. With the latest version of GitHub Copilot, changing your selection in Visual Studio's IntelliSense list steers the GitHub Copilot with additional context about your code, so you can easily explore the single and multi-line code completions to ...

Upgrading from IntelliCode custom team completions models to deep learning.

TL;DR – A deep learning model will now help provide starred completions for custom methods in the IntelliSense list. All users of Visual Studio 2022 will receive this improvement automatically. With original IntelliCode, a custom trained model was previously useful for ranking custom methods in a user’s code. When IntelliCode first ...