Angular Language Service for Visual Studio Update

Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Last August, the JavaScript/TypeScript tools team released the Angular Language Service for Visual Studio customers. We wanted to appeal to the many ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core users that are building their front-end projects with Angular. Though there was a lot of praise around this extension, the experience was not so great for all users. We want you to know we heard you and we have made some changes.   

Updates and Bug Fixes 

We constantly tracked issues in our Github repository and monitored feedback from the Visual Studio Extension site to see what bugs needed to be prioritized and what features needed to be added. In this update we have tackled two major issues:  

  1. A System Aggregate Exception caused by the extension
  2. HTML Completions not working properly 

We also updated the extension to support the latest version of the language service (v11.2.8) and the latest version of TypeScript (v4.2.3) 

An upcoming fix we are currently working on is being sure completions in project buffers are handled properly with the extension. You can read more here. 


Try the New Version  

If you haven’t tried the Angular Language Service extension and want to learn more about it, you can read more about it here. 

Ready to try the new version now and looking for the extension download page? It can be found here. 

Please continue to submit all requests and bugs to our Github repository. You can also continue to leave feedback in the comments of the extension page as well. 



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  • John King 0

    unfortunately, VS do not have “folder project” , so it’s hard to work with the angular in vs that the project backend is .net core and front end is Angular

    we need a “folder project” in solution file or standalone file (that must simple like the new .net sdk style)
    for example

        <Project Sdk="VisualStudio.Folder.Sdk">
           <None Exclude="node_modules"/>
           <None Exclude="dest"/>
    • Gabrielle CrevecoeurMicrosoft employee 0

      Hey John.. can you give a bit more information?

      What do you mean by project folder? What do you want it to accomplish?

      • John King 0

        a) .net project managed by .sln file
        b) current angular project must inside a core project.
        c) angular project inside core project has really bad dev experience, any change to the core project will cause : stop core => store angular dev server => start core => start angualr devserver => angular build for a million years => after a million years , finally angualr dev server start

        the most common solution is separate the client and server project , and unfortunately, without a “folder project“ we must switch from solution view and folder view, that is no-one wanted, so we had to use vs code to dev the client, just for it look intuitively , but vs code has bad too, it’s “node_modules” folder is a standard folder and can not be hide.

        with a “Folder Project” build-in in VS, we can add any folder we want to the solution , and that will help a lot , for exmaple:
        1) angular client dev
        2) vue client dev
        3) react client dev
        4) doc folder
        5) manage build script folder
        6) manage dev used image/data folder.
        this may not an angular ls issue , but this extension definitely need this .

  • wealways tech 0

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