Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Program Manager, JavaScript/TypeScript Tools Team

Gabrielle is a Program Manager on the JavaScript/TypeScript tooling team! Her goal is to get you the best JavaScript/TypeScript tooling in Visual Studio, VS Code and VS for Mac

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The New JavaScript/TypeScript Experience in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3

Today we are excited to announce a new experience for JavaScript and TypeScript developers in Visual Studio. We are bringing new tooling to enhance the experience for SPA applications and front-end development. What’s New? With Visual Studio 2022, we really wanted to make our JavaScript & TypeScript experience shine. We spoke with ...

Angular Language Service for Visual Studio Update

Last August, the JavaScript/TypeScript tools team released the Angular Language Service for Visual Studio customers. We wanted to appeal to the many ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core users that are building their front-end projects with Angular. Though there was a lot of praise around this extension, the experience was not so great for all users...

Angular Language Service for Visual Studio   

Great news everyone: The Angular Language Service is coming to Visual Studio! For those who don't know, the Angular team has done a lot of great work on powering up the editing experience for Angular using something called the Angular Language Service. It lays the foundation to provide things like auto-completion, rename, and more across ...