A Side-by-Side Comparison of Mobile-App Development Solutions

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The world of mobile app development has been bursting at the seams with opportunities these last few years, as companies look for the next horizon of productivity gains and new revenue streams to fuel their growth. But along with the opportunities tied to each mobile platform comes the responsibility of ensuring a secure and seamless experience for the end user. This begs the question: How can companies build on multiple platforms, while still being responsive to market opportunities? The answer is cross-platform app development.

As the name implies, cross-platform app development tools make it easy for developers to share code across multiple platforms, rather than starting from scratch every time. Among the benefits of this approach are reduced software costs, the ability to harness a developer’s existing skills set, and faster time to market with new apps and updates.

There are a variety of cross-platform solutions out there, but Apache Cordova and Xamarin are perhaps the most widely known.

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To learn more about cross-platform app development in general, check out the Visual Studio Mobile Platforms page.

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