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Posted by: Robert Green, VB Program Manager

Welcome to the VB Team blog. Some members of the VB team have their own blogs so why do we need a team blog? Well, the VB Team is a group of individuals. And while individual team members will have their own blogs, the Team, as a group, also wants a blog. Paul Vick’s blog (just one example) is a great place to listen to and talk to Paul. You learn a lot about the parts of VB that he works on. You learn about Paul. Same with Mike’s blog. Same with all individuals’ blogs. They are a great resource and you love them. But where do you meet the VB Team and engage with the team? Where do you learn about the other parts of the product and the other folks on the team? Where do you learn about the VB Team’s personality?

That’s why we created the VB team blog. We’ll talk about the overall product and about all parts of it, not just the parts that are covered by existing blogs. We’ll talk about things we do as a team, whether in the office or on the road. You’ll meet and hear from lots of team members you don’t yet know, as well as ones you do. We hope you enjoy this!


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