VS Powertoy – Bootstrapper Manifest Generator is Released for Beta 1


Posted By: David Guyer, VB Testing


The Bootstrapper Manifest Generator was created to make it easier to create custom packages for Components (PreRequisites) in Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 1).

One of the powerful aspects of the Generic Bootstrapper that is built into Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Frameworks Software Development Kit is the ability to add components that were not included “in the box”.  However, Visual Studio .NET does not provide any way to actually generate the files used to add a component to the bootstrapper. The files are simply XML files that you can create and edit with any XML editor, or even with Notepad.  This program was created to make it easier to create a package without writing XML.

The initial release contains the following features:

  • Ability to create Bootstrapper Packages for Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 1)
  • Works on the .NET Framework SDK v2.0 (Beta 1)
  • Ability to create MSBuild project files for building a Boostrapper, and build them.

For more information, or to download, go to:



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