TechEd Video: Future Directions for Visual Basic, by Anders Hejlsberg and Jonathan Aneja

Lisa Feigenbaum

As part of the new VB/C# co-evolution strategy, Visual Studio Technical Fellow Anders Hejlsberg has broadened his role. In addition to being Chief Architect for C#, he now sets the direction for both the VB.NET and C# languages.

At TechEd, Anders participated in both the VB.NET and C# language presentations. In watching these sessions, you can see that the future trends and directions for the VB.NET and C# languages are now the same.

TechEd NA 2009 Session Video: “Future Directions for Visual Basic” by Anders Hejlsberg and Jonathan Aneja

In this talk, we discuss the future direction of the Visual Basic language both in the near and long term. Exciting features from the next release are demonstrated and discussed, including extensions to LINQ support, syntax simplifications, and improvements to the IDE. Larger trends that are likely to deeply influence the direction of the language are also covered, including dynamic binding, meta-programming, and scripting. Finally, we discuss how all these tie together into the roadmap for Visual Basic going forward.


The C# TechEd US video is not publicly available. For the corresponding C# presentation, please watch the following from PDC:

PDC 2008 Session Video: “The Future of C#” by Anders Hejlsberg

In this talk Microsoft Technical fellow and C# Chief Architect Anders Hejlsberg outlines the future of C#. He describes the many forces that influence and shape the future of programming languages and explain how they fit into C#. 



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