Silverlight Ux Musings: New Control Skin Set [Corrina Barber]


One more set of control skins is up and ready for use. I had hoped to have two ready, but one set needed some additional tweaking work that I can’t get to until I return to Seattle on 4/14.

This new set is very rough and organic in appearance and maybe even a bit esoteric, but it can still work on various sites or it can be used in early mockups of a site to give the mockups a rough and sketched appearance. I take this sort of approach to many of my early mockups; especially, if I don’t want reviewers to focus on design details.

Here’s a screen shot of the new set of controls.


You can also view a live version of the controls or download my Page.xaml, Page.xaml.vb, and App.xaml, so you can apply the style to your own site. I also talk about this set on my blog; which contains info on other aspects of skinning controls.

Enjoy the new skin!


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