Hotfix available for VB performance issue in VS2008 (DJ Park)


I wanted to let you know about a hotfix we recently released that may help solve some performance issues you may have run into using Visual Studio 2008. 



The hotfix is a 3.98MB download and can be found at:


It addresses performance issues in the following scenarios:

        The IDE takes a long time to build/rebuild the solution. 

        You experience a slow response time when you press F5 to start debugging. 

        You experience a slow response time in the Code Editor. 

        You experience a slow response time in IntelliSense. 


The performance issue is caused by having large files in your project that contain XML documentation.  You’re most likely to run into these large files when using designer-generated files for web references and/or datasets.  If you’ve found that turning off the option under the Compile tab in project properties for “Generate XML Documentation File” improves your performance, then this hotfix should address your issue.  Hope this helps!


– DJ 



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