Concurrent Basic on Channel 9 (Lucian Wischik, Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

Concurrency is an important topic on everyone’s mind, when considering future trends for computing and programming languages. Concurrent Basic is a variant of the Visual Basic language, with new constructs baked in to help handle concurrency and parallelism, in a very natural way. Watch this high-energy video with language guru Erik Meijer, VB spec lead Lucian Wischik, and MS researcher Claudio Russo, to learn more about what Concurrent Basic is all about!

Expert to Expert: Inside Concurrent Basic (CB)

NOTE: CB is a research project and therefore a research language. It has no ship vehicle and is not available for trial at this point. Microsoft makes no committment to shipping VB with these concurrency constructs built in. CB is being shown in action at this year’s MSR TechFest. Be sure to check out Laura’s coverage of TechFest 2009.


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