Back to the future! – New version of the VB6 InteropForms toolkit is released!!


Along with all the new goodies that we released yesterday as part of Visual Studio 2010, one additional thing we did yesterday as well is release an update to the popular interopforms toolkit.   This update brings VS 2010 (and VS 2008!) support to the toolkit and fixes a smattering of reported bugs.    As many of you are aware, VB6 applications are alive and well in the community and this toolkit has proven to be quite successful in helping developers evolve these apps with .net functionality.   It works by allowing developers to create ActiveX controls in .net  that can be hosted in VB6 or by creating “InteropForms” that are exposed by COM and consequently be created and shown in VB6.   This way you can leverage your investments in legacy applications, but yet move your codebase and skills over to all the goodness that is in VB.NET.


Here’s the product page:

(Please uninstall any prior toolkit before installing this one.)


If you are curious about the benefits/limitations of this tool, the best approach I would recommend is to review some of the past blog entries which have lot of good information and links.   You can view those easily by clicking here:


If you have additional questions/concerns, feel free to post a comment.    I’ll try and put some more examples/content here as requested.






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