Awesome VB9 Blog Series by Bart De Smet (Amanda Silver)


I guess I’ve been working too hard on getting the product ready to ship to notice that Bart has put together an awesome blog series on VB9.

It includes discussion of a feature called runtime agility or compiler agility that we haven’t taken up on this blog. We introduced this feature to make it much easier for new .NET platforms (think Silverlight, XNA, & .NET Micro Frameworks) to allow Visual Basic  programmers to target their platform. For those of you language/compiler wonks or VB zen masters — this is a good feature to learn about as it gives you insight into the dependencies the Visual Basic compiler has on the Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll aka VBRuntime. For the mavericks, Bart talks about compiling his own version of the VB runtime that contains just the features he wants (CompareString). But this feature is designed to be a transparent implementation detail of the Visual Basic tool for those of you that are just interested in getting your job done. Enjoy!


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