Meir Ben Itay

Principal SW Engineer, Surface Duo Developer Experience

Helping customers build enhanced dual-screen applications with foundational SDKs and guidance.

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Hover-ink over dual-screens

Hello Android developers, This week we’re releasing the alpha4 version of our pen SDK preview. The pen SDK is intended to help developers add drawing capabilities to their Android apps, accepting input using touch or pen (including pen features like the eraser tip). The latest open-source SDK code and sample app are ...

Working with the camera on Microsoft Surface Duo

Hi Android developers! While the Surface Duo runs Android apps just like any other Android device, there are some differences in the hardware: In this post, we will review some dual-screen-specific camera behaviors and present some different options for enhancing camera capture in your apps to work even better on ...

Pen Events on the Surface Duo

The Surface family of devices is known for great touch support, including pen input, and the Microsoft Surface Duo will be no different. By default, pen events are treated the same as a finger touch or mouse move, but you can detect and handle pen input differently, with a wider range of data such as pressure and orientation. Some pens also ha

Orientation, Spanning and Insets

Hello Microsoft Surface Duo Developers! Until recently, mobile devices all had one thing in common: a single screen. While applications had to support multiple screen sizes, recently manufacturers got creative and introduced new foldable, dual-screen devices, Google added support for multi-windowing on Android. Now applications need to ...