Hakon Strande

Principal Program Manager, Surface Duo Developer Experience

Program Manager at Microsoft working on dual screen developer experiences and application compatibility on the very first Microsoft personal computing device running the Android operating system. Worked on Windows XP, Windows Vista (shhh), Windows 7, Windows 8, Surface 1st Gen, HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, HoloLens 2.

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2021 dual-screen year in review

Hello Android developers! 2021 was a big year for dual-screen devices with the release of Microsoft Surface Duo 2. It has also been a busy year for developers with Jetpack Window Manager – Google’s common API for foldable device info – graduating from alpha to beta and then release candidate, the SlidingPaneLayout control was ...

See your app on Microsoft Surface Duo 2!

Hello Android developers! Now that Surface Duo 2 is readily available, there’s even more reason to start enhancing your Android apps for foldable devices. Visit our developer documentation to get started! Figure 1: Surface Duo 2 is now available! Surface Duo 2 emulator If you don’t yet have a device, you can ...

Ask the Experts at Microsoft Build

Hello developers! Thank you to everyone who joined us at Microsoft Build this week. There was a lot of amazing announcements across the company, but for the Surface Duo Developer Experience team the highlight was sharing the latest info on building and enhancing your apps for dual-screens, and “meeting” everyone who attended the...

Microsoft Surface Duo developer year in review

Hello dual-screen developers, It was over a year ago – 2nd October 2019 – that Panos introduced the Surface Duo to the world. In the months since, we have shared a number of milestones with you leading up to the product launch (and beyond): January 31st, 2020 First preview of the Surface Duo SDK February 13th, 2020 ...

The Dual-Screen Developer Experience: Interview with Tobias Scholze

Hi Android Developers! In today’s post, we are sharing our recent interview with Tobias Scholze, a senior software engineer for iOS B2B applications in a Munich-based platform solution agency, to learn more about his experience exploring the value of a dual-screen mobile devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo. Here are some resources to ...

Bring your app to Surface Duo – Step 1

Hello Developers! We’re excited to post another devblog for developers considering dual screen devices as a new form factor that can enhance your application’s user experience. In this post, we’re focusing on application compatibility testing. As you know, the Microsoft Surface Duo has two screens and those screens are slightly ...
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Dual-Screen Developer Day Recap & SDK Updated!

Dual-Screen Developer Day recap and new samples for the Surface Duo SDK
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