Weekend Scripter: PowerShell Module Manifests—The Video

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Summary: Ed Wilson presents a recap video where he talks about Windows PowerShell module manifests.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. It has been stormy for the last couple of days. It makes for a great time to spend offline playing around with my Windows 10 laptop or Surface Pro 3. Watching the power of the storms is great fun, especially if I am not directly in the path. The way the storm parades across the flat Florida plain makes it really easy to watch it approach. It is like watching a giant storm switch that is flipped from off to on, and then back again.

Anyway, I decided to make a video recap of the articles I wrote earlier in the week about Windows PowerShell module manifests.

Note  For more information, refer to Verify PowerShell Module Manifests and Add Default Values for PowerShell Module Manifest.


Here is a link to the video from YouTube if you would like to download it or play it offline in a different video player: Module manifest video by Ed Wilson.

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Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy 


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