Weekend Scripter: Overloaded Class Constructors in PowerShell 5—The Video

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Summary: Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy, introduces a video about overloaded class constructors in Windows PowerShell 5.0 in Windows 10.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. This is my birthday weekend, so today the Scripting Wife decided to take me to Tampa for the air show. As it turns out, my buddy and Microsoft evangelist, Blain Barton, is also going to show up at the air show.

Blain and I are planning to make another IT Time video. Our last video became one of the most popular videos on Channel 9, and it was even featured on the front page of Channel 9 news for a while. Check it out: “Offshore development with PowerShell” – Understanding objects from strings in PowerShell. Anyway, if we can find him at this huge air show, I am sure we will come up with some pretty cool ideas.

Speaking of cool, I spent some time putting together a video about overloaded class constructors in Windows PowerShell 5.0. This is a really powerful technique, and one that is not too well known yet.

Note  If you would like more information about creating class constructors and overloaded constructors, check out my Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog post PowerShell 5 Classes: Constructor Overloading.


Here is a link to the video from YouTube if you would like to download it or play it offline in a different video player:  PowerShell 5 Class Constructors and overloading by Ed Wilson.

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Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy 


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