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Summary: Windows PowerShell MVPs, Teresa Wilson and Richard Siddaway, provide initial impressions fromthe MVP Summit.

Hello everyone. This is Teresa. My flight was uneventful. Actually, it was better than uneventful because I was able to get upgraded. At least, my flight was only about five hours—and not like the 28 hours reported by some MVPs on Facebook.

Well, I have been here in Seattle for a couple of days. I came a bit early so I could spend some time with friends. My flight in was largely uneventful, except that Dr. Scripto, who is traveling with me, got stopped at the airport. It happens to him a lot. I think it is that people want to meet him. Anyway, here is:


In fact, here is a link to Dr. Scripto a couple of years ago when he was in St. Augustine. He was down there on his way to SQL Rally in Orlando, and was hanging out on the beach working on his tan (he REALLY needs to work on his tan).

At any rate, I was able to get together with my friends, saw a bunch of horses, and even ate in a pretty cool place for breakfast. Here is a picture of the café:


Luckily, there were no actual bears at the diner. At least, not like these two dudes where rumor has it that they were brawling over a picnic basket in New Jersey the other day.

Well, after my trip to visit various equines, I returned to the SEATAC airport, met up with IIS MVP, Terri Donahue, and we headed to Bellevue for the Summit. Last night, we met up with Sean, Shane, and Richard. In fact, here is an initial report from Richard Siddaway.

Take it away Richard…

The MVP Summit is a great event that I feel very privileged to be able to attend, but the journey here can be awful. This time was no exception. It started badly with an hour delay on a 2-hour drive to the airport, the usual fun getting through security, then the wait for the plane.

The flight (10 hours) wasn't too bad, but watching the altitude reading bounce around by +/- 20 feet starts to make you think about the forces acting on the plane—and not necessarily in a good way.

Arrival is Seattle was accompanied by an interesting skid as the plane touched down. Passport control was very smooth this time, and I was in the hotel within an hour of touchdown—a record.

A meal, sleep, and breakfast. This afternoon, the Summit starts with an informal showcasing of the range of talent and accomplishments within the MVP community. Time to meet old friends (some I only see here) and make some new ones from the new crop of Windows PowerShell MVPs.

More later…



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