PowerTip: Get the Default Domain Password Policy

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Summary: Use a Windows PowerShell cmdlet to return the default domain password policy.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I find the default domain password policy?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer  Use the Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy cmdlet from the RSAT tools, as shown here.

19:05 C:\> Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy

ComplexityEnabled           : True

DistinguishedName           : DC=nwtraders,DC=msft

LockoutDuration             : 00:30:00

LockoutObservationWindow    : 00:30:00

LockoutThreshold            : 5

MaxPasswordAge              : 42.00:00:00

MinPasswordAge              : 1.00:00:00

MinPasswordLength           : 7

objectClass                 : {domainDNS}

objectGuid                  : 5765f6d1-cb6e-475d-8ed1-0b9ca6abfec1

PasswordHistoryCount        : 24

ReversibleEncryptionEnabled : False


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