Join the PowerShell tenth birthday celebration


SUMMARY: Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson announces November 14, 2016 as date for PowerShell 10th anniversary celebration

Can you believe that PowerShell is nearly 10 years old (that is a long time in ‘internet time’)? On November 14, 2016 we will celebrate the occasion with a day-long event that will run from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon (PST). We will stream this live event on the Channel 9 homepage.

This is going to be a day long extravaganza befitting the most awesome management, tool ever shipped. We will have segments on SQL and PowerShell, Azure Automation and PowerShell, the future of PowerShell and even the state of PowerShell community featuring the Microsoft Scripting Guy and a group of PowerShell MVP’s. The roster is looking like a who’s who in the PowerShell world.

We will even have sessions on some of the far out things you can do with PowerShell such as setting up a Minecraft Server, controlling sprinkler systems or an IOT-based Theramin, and even managing a Tesla (among other things).

But wait, there is more. There will also be opportunities to hear from the team members talk about how the product has evolved, and the new open source engagement. Stick around and join in on coding contests, or drop in and drop out as required … because what is even better than a live birthday party for your favorite command line product and mine? Well you know that … recordings of the birthday party. So every topic will be recorded, and you can check back and view them again and again and again.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

And one more thing … you probably already know this, but I will say it anyway: the kick off features the dynamic duo Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen. So join us for kick off at 8:00 AM PST for the way cool PowerShell 10th Anniversary Celebration. Yeah, it will be that good.


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